about me

I want to help make machine learning systems safe, secure, and privacy-preserving.


Currently, I’m a machine learning engineer/scientist at a startup working on private/secure computation for machine learning. I’m also a member of the OpenMined community, having made several foundational contributions to the codebase and roadmap. In my spare time, I’m working on two projects having to do with safe reinforcement learning.

I’ve sporadically worked on projects dealing with exploration in RL and adversarial robustness before, although they’ve been temporarily postponed.

In a past life, my undergraduate research with the Cleveland Clinic demonstrated that supervised learning can virtually eliminate the problem of medical mistakes arising from contaminated blood tests.


I previously worked as data science consultant and an independent machine learning contractor. Most of my commercial work dealt with applying deep learning to various natural language processing tasks, including a question-answering system for target phrase extraction, malicious resource identification for cybersecurity, topic classification, and user behavior analytics.


I’m the founding organizer of the Cleveland AI Group (Meetup page), which I started with the goal of educating Clevelanders who are new to machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re growing pretty quickly; if you’re interested in speaking, attending, hosting, or sponsoring, drop me a line!

I also spend time helping out around the OpenMined Slack channel, answering questions about the community’s development roadmap and longer-term strategy. Feel free to say hello!